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International Healthcare Quality Data

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1)  What is IHQData?


IHQData (International Healthcare Quality Data) is the latest development application of LitCentral, Inc.  It is designed to distribute and market the quality ratings produced by LitCentral’s patient experience feedback system, PEER-Systems.


2)  Who can use IHQData?


IHQData is intended for use by Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Self-Insured companies wanting to lower healthcare costs by presenting high-quality treatment options abroad to covered employees.


3)  Will IHQData be accessible by the public?




TPAs and Self-Insured Businesses will have access to via secured log-in.


4)  Will IHQData be accessible by insurance companies and Self-Insured businesses in other countries?


IHQData will be available to other countries in the future. The PEER/IHQData Medical Travel 2017 Pilot, is focused on expanding medical travel to US patients.


5) Is IHQData available to purchase?


Not at this time.


IHQData will be available to a select group of TPAs and Self-Insured companies - chosen to participate in the PEER/IHQData Medical Travel 2017 Pilot.


6)  How can I join the Pilot program?


We are accepting Letters of Interest from healthcare facilities and Third Party Administrators for participation in the PEER/IHQData Medical Travel Pilot Program 2017. The Pilot is expected to expand throughout multiple countries in Europe, including medical facilities in France, Spain and Greece, as well as throughout Latin American, including Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.


The Pilot will also include a select group of TPAs and Self-Insured Businesses, who will begin to participate 4 – 6 months after PEER-Systems is implemented in the medical facilities participating in the Pilot. This is to ensure an adequate amount of patient experience data has been captured, and proper market samples have been met.  


7) What is the PEER-Systems rating?


The PEER-Systems rating is produced using LitCentral’s patented feedback methodology which utilizes a rubric approach to surveying patients. The ratings are based on a 1.0 to 4.0 scale, like the US GPA scale, to be easily understood by consumers.  These analytical data results far exceed the 40-year old subjective survey methods used by most hospitals today.


Evaluation surveys are based on categories such as:


  • Medical (nurse/doctor)

  • Environment

  • Administrative

  • Medical Travel


8) Where can I see a list of participants in the Pilot program?


As our interest list grows, we will update the Interest List page.  Please keep checking back!


9) What does a Medical Travel Marketing Package consist of?


The Medical Travel Marketing Package highlights the following: 


  • Details about the international healthcare facility chosen for the treatment/procedure, including the PEER-Systems rating(s).

  • Bio of the physician chosen for the treatment/procedure.

  • Details and contact information for the Medical Travel Facilitator.

  • Information (i.e. weather, things to do, attractions) on the chosen location.


10) What is a Medical Travel Facilitator?


The TPAs job is to refer patients (on behalf of their clients) to international healthcare facilities for care.  The healthcare facility’s job is to provide a high-level of care, top-notch medical expertise and a superb patient experience.  But the assistance of a well-versed Medical Travel Facilitator is also a very important piece of the medical travel puzzle.  Medical Travel Facilitators:


  • Organizing flight, international transportation, hotel and recovery needs.

  • Provide translation services.

  • Arrange the necessary pre-op testing (i.e. MRIs, labs) and obtain medical history from the patient to forward to the healthcare facility and physician.

  • Assist with scheduling the treatment/procedure and post-op appointments.

  • Provide information on local attractions, things to do, etc. – for the patient to enjoy either before the treatment/procedure or while healing.


11) How long is the Pilot?


The PEER/IHQData Medical Travel Pilot Program 2017 is a 4-year pilot.


12) What is the cost of the Pilot?


During the Pilot program, there will be no cost to TPAs for access to the IHQData statistics, in order to refer their client’s employees to international facilities for medical treatments/procedures.  


During the first year of the Pilot program, healthcare facilities will pay an upfront fee to customize and implement the PEER-Systems application into their facilities.  Years two through four will consist of an annual maintenance fee – reduced to cover the initial upfront fee paid in the first year.  Additionally, the reduced annual maintenance rate for PEER-Systems will be grandfathered to all Pilot program participants.



Now more than ever, we live in an interdependent and interactive world.  It's time for a global healthcare system to begin to take shape and benefit all  participants.