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IHQData is born out of the need for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Self-Insured companies to have access to patient experience ratings in foreign medical facilities. This new data provides their Self-Insured Business clients with a complete understanding of the high-quality medical treatments available abroad, while lowering their out-of-pocket healthcare costs and still supporting a safe and positive medical experience.


The IHQData web portal allows TPAs to review international healthcare facilities, and sort by a series of criteria, such as type of treatment, procedure cost and most importantly, patient experience ratings.  









How does IHQData advance medical travel?


IHQData relies on the patient experience ratings gathered by PEER-Systems™ - a breakthrough survey method designed specifically for healthcare facilities - to capture the opinions of patients regarding the medical care they received.  Think of PEER-Systems as the "Yelp of healthcare". Every month over 145 million Americans explore consumer ratings on Yelp before patronizing local businesses. The same consumer behavior can be found at Amazon, Consumer Reports, and TripAdvisor. When it comes to making decisions, as important as with your healthcare, you can expect the value of digital ratings to be immeasurable!  


In order for medical travel to reach its massive potential, healthcare facilities must use the collective voice of patients - who have already traveled and experienced medical care in an international facility. There is no other way! The great news is, with technology at our fingertips, capturing patient experience has never been easier and the results have never been more insightful than with LitCentral's PEER-Systems.  










PEER-Systems is a patient experience system that allows hospitals and clinics to gauge the quality of their healthcare service delivery.  The consumer rating produced by PEER-Systems highlights not only high-quality medical care, but also areas of deficiency. This allows all who have access to the data to understand a healthcare facility's non-clinical performance in the following areas:






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PEER/IHQData Medical

Travel 2017 Pilot


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Fact #1

Self-Insured companies can save up to 74% by seeking healthcare for their employees in countries like France, Spain, Greece, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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Fact #2

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthcare in France (#1), Spain, Greece, Columbia and Costa Rica is ranked above the United States. All provide quality healthcare at a substantially lower cost - in comparison to the US.

Fact #3


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Self-Insured companies have had difficulty convincing their employees to travel abroad to receive treatment - even with zero out-of-pocket expense and the benefits of recovering in a beautiful destination.

IHQData - The Source for Consumer Ratings in International Healthcare


Medical Travel 2017 Pilot

In 2017, both IHQData and the PEER-Systems technologies will come together to finally allow medical travel to safely become a reality.  A Pilot program consisting of 35 medical facilities throughout France, Spain, Greece, Colombia and Costa Rica will use PEER-Systems to capture patient feedback.  The consumer data will be  forwarded (at the hospital's discretion) to, where a select group of TPAs will have access to the new ratings. IHQData will allow TPAs to easily generate a Medical Travel Marketing Package for their Self-Insured clients  who provide medical benefits for their employees.

PEER-Systems - Capturing Patient Feedback At The Point-of-Care


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